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Bike check

  1. Is there a bike check this year?
    Sanctioned events are no longer required to provide bike checks. Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, this practice has been removed for a number of years. Under ITU/Triathlon Canada regulations, it is the onus of the athlete to arrive at the event with a safe, properly maintained and functioning bicycle. We would like to thank Simon's Cycles for providing us with great service over the years and they continue to be a strong supporter of the event.

Race package pickup

  1. Are out of towners permitted to pick up race packages on race day?
    if they are valid out of towners yes
  2. can 1 team member pick up the package or do all 3 need to be there
    Yes, one team member can pickup the race package. But we must have received a signed waiver from all team members, before we can release the race package.

Sunday morning check in

    No Questions


  1. I registered in the Just Tri-It division, but was quite off in the approx. swim time entered. Can I amend that time so I'll be placed with swimmers closer to my actual speed?
    yes- just send as an email with the correct time. please remember to give us your entry number.
  2. Are swimmers in the mini team category able to choose their preferred stroke?
    they can use any stroke they like
  3. Is this years sprint swim 20 or 30 laps?
    30 lengths for sprint, 20 lengths for Just Tri-it
  4. In the adult sprint swim can you do whatever swim stroke you want to?
    any stroke
  5. how long can you take to do the swim in the adult sprint?
    there is no real time limit but please put your estimates swim time down. Having said there is no time limit it would make sense that the time be no greater than 45 minutes to an hour?


  1. Last year the 10-11 year olds biked 10 km if they were on a team. This years website indicates 5km. Is this a typo or a change in distances?
    We are sanctioned this year by Triathlon BC and have some different rules to follow. One of the rules is a change of distances.
  2. What's the bike route? On the right bar are the rules for either event. Please download the appropriate rules and tentative maps are attached
  3. For the mini's; in the untimely event of a flat, or some other malfunction, is there any help provided or allowed?
    No help is allowed- as per the rules each participant is solely responsible. Getting help is automatic disqualification


  1. I am doing the sprint run for the first time. A friend did it several years ago and took me through the fairground trails today. Has this route changed over the years? I clocked 2 loops through the trails as 3 km. This added on to the rest of the sprint r
    The run course changed recently to comply with TriBC Rules and distances. The Sprint race course is approximately 5km. From the track the course loops up around the school, down Vanier school driveway, across the farmers market field, into the trails, where two 1 km laps are run then back to the track from Vanier driveway. Everyone doing the Sprint course runs the same route.


  1. can the duathlon consist of a team of 2 or does it need to be individual? I am looking to do the running and my boyfriend would like to do the bike ride....
    The duathlon can not be done as a team. It is an indivual event only.

Teeny and inbetweeny

  1. Can a team of 2 or 3 enter the inbetweeny event?
    The teeny and the inbetweeny events are individual events only. The distances are very manageable and the legs are not timed


  1. Where is the map of the race course? On the right bar are the rules for either event. Please download the appropriate rules and tentative maps are attached
  2. is it possible for a team to enter and a member does a seperate leg of the race? such as one would do the swim and another the bike? I am asking as I feel it would be an awesome team build for my management team. Thanks!
    A team is made of up of each person doing a different leg of the event.
  3. How do you Volunteer for this event?
    just email us at and let us know if you would like to volunteer, for the pool, the course or the transition area and one of us will be in touch
  4. I have never done a triathlon before- How does it work?
    The first step is to download the rules and regulations on the website available at This will give you the important info. But for those that have never done one, in simple terms, the event starts at finishes at the CV Sport Center. YTou arrive there and park your bike and your clothes in the transition area. You then go to the pool area to be numbered. When you are ready to race, all of your cycling clothes and running clothes (many use the same clothes for both), are down on your bike in the transition area. You do your swim and run out of the pool in just your swim suit. Upon entering the transition area, you make your way to your bike and put your clothes on over top of your swim suite (nudity results in disqualification) and walk your bike as directed to the bike course. After finishing the bike course, you bring your bike back to the same bike rack, and either change, or go out to the run course. Then you cross the finish line and feel very good about what you accomplished!
  5. it says win a medal for trying under the Try it race. Is there not participation medals for the sprint as well?
    In the Sprint, medals are awarded to top three in each category. Every participant receives a t-shirt for participating
  6. Does the entry fee include a 1 day Tri BC license?
    yes unless you are a member of TriBC
  7. I would like to do the Tri it as I am just learning how to swim! However I would like to be timed during all stages of event. is this possible?
    yes- you can enter the regular event and you will be timed or if you enter the just tri-it you can email us a few days after the event and we will have your times
  8. We can't locate the waivers to submit with entry fee.
    the waiver is emailed to you automatically after you enter online
  9. Is the cost for the mini-teams (age 10/11) $75 each member or $75 for whole team; also, is it only the team captain that has to register everyone online, or does each person register separately
    For the team!

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